Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Award from Angelika

Angelika has tagged me with this award - thanks Angelika ! Now I have to think about who to pass it on to ......

Pay It Forward

Small handmade gifts from me are on their way to Katja in Germany and Ibolya in Hungary. Margaret in Spain, you signed up with me but never sent me your address, please do that so I can send you something !
Let me know when you receive your Pay It Forward, ladies !

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Boutis - Thanks to West Pasco Quilt Guild

West Pasco Quilt Guild will have their wonderful show, with more than 400 quilts, on March 7-9 2008. They are very kindly allowing me to present a short lecture on the Boutis on Sunday March 9 at 10 am. Throughout the show, there will be a boutis and a sign up sheet available at their information table, as I am making a list of all those who want to learn more about this stitching art. I am hoping there will be enough interest to form a local group to link with the activities of France Boutis.

Thanks West Pasco - my first sunflower of the year is for you !

Gifts from the Sea

I have been working on this quilt for my daughter to take to college with her. I know how I work, so I have started early - she will not finish school until next summer, 2009 !! It is such a pretty pattern and perfect for her, she swims and has always loved the beach. Time to prep more blocks, the seahorse is the last one I have ready.

Ich appliziere dieses Quilt fuer meine Tochter, als Collegegeschenk. Da ich mich kenne, habe ich frueh angefangen, sie wird erst naechsten Sommer mit der Schule fertig !. Das Muster ist sehr huebsch und ideal fuer sie, da sich schwimmt und schon immer vom Strand begeistert war. Ich muss noch einige Bloecke vorbereiten, das Seepferd ist das letzte fertige Bloeckchen.