Sunday, November 25, 2007

Feather Princesses

I thought I would tell you something about the Feather Princesses, an applique guild I am a proud member of. Although only in existence the last 2 years or so, the group has been so interesting and energizing for applique lovers. We even hosted the TAS show, Applique in Tampa Bay, in May of this year. Since I didn't have a blog then, I will show you some pictures of that show now. There were many absolutely fabulous quilts, and it certainly gave me some food for thought. There are many talented appliquers in this area, but I think that the show gave us some examples of wonderful quilting as well - definitely an area of improvement for me ! These pictures show a few of my absolute favorites, but there were many stunning quilts - I wonder how many hours of work were represented by all the quilts in the show ??
For those who don't know, there is a National Applique Society which you have to be a member of before you can join a local chapter.

Pay It Forward

I am pleased to say that three people have signed up for Pay It Forward with me. They are Ibolya from Hungary, Margaret from Spain, and Katja from Germany. I am thrilled that we have the chance to get to know one another better, especially from such different countries. Thanks ladies - I will need to get everyone's addresses, as I hope to send your surprises in the New Year.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Friendship Garden

The pictures below show the quilt I made from the Blackbird Designs pattern. I had it as a BOM, but changed some of the fabrics - so I have blue berries instead of red ones. It was fun to do except for the many sashing triangles !

Die Bilder zeigen mein Top von einem Blackbird Designs Muster. Ich habe das als Fixpackung monatlich bekommen, habe aber einige Stoffe ausgewechselt, und habe z.B. blaue statt rote Beeren. Es hat Spass gemacht - bis auf die vielen Dreiecke !

Friendship Garden

Pay It Forward

My friend Angelika in Germany has posted a new challenge on her blog. It is called Pay It Forward, and has very simple rules. Each blogger who signs up for this is promising to make a small handmade gift for 3 people within a year, and will receive one handmade gift from the person they signed up with. The other rule is to introduce the game on one's blog. Simple, isn't it ?

I think this is a great and generous idea, so the first three people who leave me a comment on this post will be my Pay It Forward recipients.

Meine Freundin Angelika in Deutschland hat ein neues Spiel auf ihrem Blog vorgestellt. Es nennt sich Pay It Forward und hat ganz einfache Regeln. Jeder Blogger/in die sich dafuer eintraegt verpflichtet sich, innerhalb eines Jahres fuer 3 weitere Personen ein kleines selbstgemachtes Geschenk zu machen. Ausserdem muss man das Spiel auf dem eigenen Blog vorstellen. Einfach, nicht ?
Ich finde diese Idee super und grosszuegig, und lade die ersten 3 Personen die mir ein Kommentar hierzu lassen, von mir ein Pay It Forward Geschenk zu bekommen.

Later I will be posting some photos of a newly finished applique top ......